Sunday, October 25, 2015

EXHIBITION: The Utterly Fabulous World of Glamorous Phryne Fisher, Lady Detective

Meet everyone's favorite flapper detective ...
Miss Phryne (Fry-nee) Fisher!

An exhibition of glamorous costumes from the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries series   
has been extended by popular demand! It will run through October 11 
at the Rippon Lea House  & Gardens in Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia.

Update: it will then move to the Ayers House Museum in Adelaide,
opening on November 16 and running through Valentine's Day 2016.

Essie Davis plays Phryne Fisher -- a freespirited and lusciously 
attired detective in opulent 1920s Melbourne -- on Australia Broadcasting's
runaway hit. She often shows up at the scenes of grisly murders
dressed like this. (She's always coming from a cocktail party
or a hot date, so it makes sense, sort of.)

“As soon as I put on Phryne’s clothes I can adopt Phryne poses and promenade, and make an entry, feel confident and audacious… They just make me feel so good that I get away with things I could never pull off in my everyday life.”       ... Essie Davis on playing Miss Fisher

Costume designer Marion Boyce uses fabrics, buttons and trimmings
from all over the world to create the stunning ensembles worn on the show.

Feisty Miss Fisher is the creation of Australian author, Kerry Greenwood. “Phryne is a hero, just like James Bond, but with fewer product endorsements and a better class of lovers,” says Greenwood. “I decided to try a female hero and made her as free as a male hero, to see what she would do... In every sense of the word, Miss Fisher complements Detective Inspector Robinson’s by-the-book police procedures, using her endless charm and daring wit to get the information she needs." Needless to say, Phryne is always the one to solve the crime, with the help of her able personal assistant/ward Dot Williams, who's not nearly as timid as she looks.

Sherlock Holmes has nothing on Phryne, hats-wise or otherwise!

The exhibition is very hands-on; visitors are encouraged to walk through different sets to touch and feel the sumptuous fabrics, to try on replica costumes and to interact with props and furniture from the show. Upstairs, fans are invited to "become part of the crew and go behind the scenes to discover the inspiration for the costumes and understand how they were made." Even the venue's tearoom is getting into the act, with a special menu that includes Murder in the Dark petit fours, Silk Stockings tarts and a
Sartorial Elegance Afternoon Tea.

The Honourable Phryne Fisher of course keeps daggers in her stockings.

Phryne wants you to know that
Season 3 of the Miss Fisher Mysteries has just become 
available on Netflix.

To visit the exhibition's website, link here.

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