Thursday, October 15, 2015

ODD BITS: A tubful of love

Who would think that a clever change in the shape of a bathtub could result in the revival of tourism in a region of the country that was on the skids? Well, that's exactly what happened when hotelier Morris Wilkins, who died recently at 90, introduced heart-shaped bathtubs into his otherwise nondescript Cove Haven resort, thereby rebranding  the Poconos as "The Land of Love". Honeymooners and other innamorati flocked to Wilkins' "cruise ship on land", which eventually begat the Pocono Palace and Paradise Stream hotels.

The iconic tub made its debut in 1958, at Wilkins' "couples only" lakeside resort.
The designer and former submariner helped turn the Poconos into a honeymoon destination after opening his 18-room hotel, where each unit had its own 
whirlpool equipped heart-shaped tub. 

A later model:
the pink heart-shaped jacuzzi

Wilkins holds the patent on the design for a champagne glass-shaped hot tub.135 of these fantastical baths were installed at his three hotels. In case you were wondering ... guests entered from the second floor of their suite.

"Morris Wilkins has done more for romance than a box of chocolates."
                                                                           ... Philadelphia Daily News

Link here for more info about Wilkins and his whimsical designs.

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