Monday, February 26, 2018

REMEMBRANCE: The Kennedys in the White House, a photo reminiscence

Jack & Jackie: The Kennedys in the White House 
Photos by Richard Avedon, through March 25, 2018 at the 
D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts  Springfield, MA  

In collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution. the National Museum
of American History, and private collectors, this exhibition explores the 
"legacy of the Kennedys as promoters of art, culture, and elegance."
Was there ever a first couple as photogenic and chic as this one?

"... You know the pictures. They’re the ones we’re still looking at, still marveling over, the ones that make us fall in love all over again with a family we’ve never met, and specifically with the man at the center of that family. These photographs have had an outsized effect on our assessment of JFK’s presidency, and our collective feelings about them have served as his magic fishbone, getting him out of one scrape or another as the years pass by and 
the revelations and reassessments pile up." 
... The Atlantic, Summer 2012 

 JFK, Jr. was only 2 months old when
his parents took up residence in the White House.

American Goddess
Jackie in her inaugural gown, 1961 

This now-iconic desk was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford 
Hayes and has been used in the Oval Office by several presidents, 
including, of course, John F. Kennedy.

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