Thursday, October 22, 2015

EVENTS: Oh, Freedom! Designblok Prague Oct. 22 - 27, 2015

Designblok Prague, the largest design event in the Czech Republic and a major prestige showplace for all of Central Europe, begins today for a six-day run. The juried show is dedicated to design in all its forms, and focuses on the latest trends in contemporary European decorative arts.

All photos are from the Designblok Prague 2015 website

This indoor exhibition offers displays of jewelry, clothing, furniture, home furnishings, lighting, and industrial and utilitarian design from top Czech designers. Designblok represents not only individual creators, but also design studios, schools, and visionary projects from international brands. 

The 2015 festival theme is On Freedom. Jana Zielinski, director of Designblok, explains: “Freedom constitutes an important part of our rights to quality of life. In the past it has been withheld from us, it has been misused, and yet we always longed for it. Can contemporary design have anything to say on the theme of freedom? ... This year, Designblok aims to fight for freedom. For internal freedom, unrestricted by prejudice, bad experience and little faith. For external freedom – political freedom – which must be guarded even twenty-five years after the Velvet Revolution. For creative freedom which we spoil ourselves with when we are little and with which we spoil ourselves less and less as we grow up. Long live freedom!"


For a day-by-day schedule of events, you can link here

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