Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ODD BITS: A cereal bar grows in Brooklyn

If you've been craving a high-sugar, high-carb breakfast brought to you by a trendy athletic supplies retailer, today is your lucky day! Famed footwear purveyor Kith has just opened Kith Treats -- a 150 square-foot white-tiled cereal bar offering 24 cereals, five specialty milks, and 25 topping choices -- at its flagship store in Brooklyn.

“I’m as passionate about cereal as I am about anything,” 
says KITH CEO Ronnie Fieg.

Your customized cereal concoction will be presented in a miniature shoe box.
Several notables have been invited to "curate" their own special combos; 
the first to contribute his was tennis great Andre Agassi, 
who even showed up at today's opening. 

His choice? 
Cinnamon toast crunch and cocoa puffs,
with your own favorite milk.


Rapper Action Bronson chose a combo of 
rice crispies treats, cookie crisp, cinnamon toast crunch,
kit kat bits, crushed oreos, marshmallow charms and ... skim milk.

Lest you forget that you're actually in a shoe store,
750 Air Jordan II sneakers are suspended from the ceiling,
creating "a visually endless corridor of footwear." 

See NY Times article

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  1. Pretty weird (but somehow not surprising!)

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