Tuesday, August 18, 2015

NOTE to MAD FOR MOD readers -- giveaway + "comments" section is working again

Mad for Mod's "comments" section seems to be working again, so the notebooks giveaway is back on! Anyone who comments through the blog is eligible to win a free set of very cool notebooks from Princeton Architectural Publishing! I'll do the drawing of names on Sept. 1; I have 3 sets to give away. I'll contact you and send the notebooks in early September.

To leave a comment: go to the posting you want to write something about, and scroll down to where you find a link to "comment" or -- strangely, sometimes -- "no comments". Leave your words in the dialogue box that comes up, use the drag-down to enter your name, and hit "publish". Thanks!

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  1. The thought of winning a cool notebook makes me want to leave a comment!