Thursday, August 27, 2015

CELEBRATION: A luminous 21st century carousel opens in NYC

The brand new
Seaglass Carousel at the Battery --
ten years (and $16 million) in the making -- is now officially open!

"... sporting more than two dozen whirling, fiberglass fish, 
each with its own set of speakers and LED lights — 
it’s housed in what looks like a stainless-steel chambered nautilus shell  ...
Climb into your fish for a heady, $5, 3½-minute spin."
   NY Post,  August 11, 2015
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Meet the fish ...

30 fiberglass sea creatures were created by Broadway set designer 
George Tsypin, who led the scenic design team for The Little Mermaid musical.

Artist's rendering of the new SeaGlass carousel, opening
soon in NYC's Battery Park

And the real thing ...

The carousel is open every day from 10AM to 10PM.

For more info and gorgeous pics, link here.

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  1. Exciting news. I haven't ridden on a carousel since climbing onto the one in Central Park 50 years ago; so I'm eagerly looking forward to the opening!

    1. I'm hoping to ride on it for the first time next weekend! Will add some pics to the blog posting then. Thanks for writing!