Sunday, October 16, 2016

EXHIBITIONS: Rolling Sculpture: Art Deco Cars from the 1930s and ’40s gleam at the North Carolina Museum of Art

An astonishingly elegant and futuristic exhibition of Art Deco cars 
was recently rolled out at the North Carolina Museum of Art in
Raleigh. These vehicles epitomize the Art Deco style during its golden age,
with its streamlined essence, audacious decorative elements, sweeping 
curves and modern industrial look.

Can you believe this car was designed in1938?

And this one too (right):
Talbot-Lago_T-150C-SS  Teardrop, 1938

Cars in the 1930s became substantially more luxurious than their 1920s
counterparts. Their design became more sleek and rounded, and also
incorporated radios and heaters.

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 A digression: I must confess that Art Deco is my favorite decorative art style.
It conjures up images of glamorous women in beaded dresses and sparkling 
headgear, accompanied by -- let's say -- a tuxedoed Cary Grant, conversing
wittily whilst sipping champagne from crystal glasses. 

 Above: Flapper detective Phryne Fisher simply refused to
be left out of this posting.

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Meanwhile, back at the cars ...

Bugatti Type 57S Aerolithe

          Peugeot 402 Darl’mat Coupe, 1936

A number of workshops and curators' talks will be offered over the exhibition's run, including

• A Studio Class: “Alabaster Art Deco Style”
   Saturday, October 22, 2016 | 10 am

"Inspired by the flowing art deco designs and hood ornaments of Rolling Sculpture, award-winning sculptor Paris Alexander will help participants design, carve, and polish a lasting work of art in alabaster (a soft, translucent stone)."

 Xwide Peugeot,402 Coupe,1936

Art +Cuisine: Sculpted in Steel
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 | 6 :30 pm

Guest curator Ken Gross will guide guests through the Rolling Sculpture exhibition, revealing information on their classic design and construction, which combined simplicity and functionality with extravagance. This event features cocktails, a tour of the exhibition, and a three-course dinner. Advance registration is required. $125 members, $150 Nonmembers

Delahaye 135MS Figoni Roadster, 1937

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Above: Auto enthusiast F. Scott Fitzgerald with wife Zelda and daughter Scottie, 1923, in the "sports coupé" the author purchased a few years earlier after selling his first novel, This Side of Paradise. Fitzgerald wrote prolifically of America’s dreams and enduring love affair with the automobile. His first car was a bit of a clunker, though, compared to the Art Deco beauties above; and his last was a second-hand 1937 Ford convertible.

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Rolling Sculpture will be on exhibit through January 15, 2017

For more on the Art Deco style itself, you can link
here for a short video.