Tuesday, February 2, 2016

EXHIBITION: Television Project Part 1 closing 2/14 at NYC's Jewish Museum, but there's lots more to come

"Yoo hoo ..."
Gertrude Berg on the set of The Goldbergs (CBS), 1949-1956.

The inaugural exhibition of The Television Project, a 3-year-long series 
of thematic exhibits about Jewish culture as portrayed on
American television, will close on February 14. Part One of this series, 
called Picturing a People, features clips from programs including
The Ed Sullivan Show, Northern Exposure, The Twilight Zone, The Goldbergs,  
The Simpsons, My Name is Barbra, and ABC News' Eichmann Trial coverage.
Related works of art, artifacts and ephemera are also displayed.

The Television Project will resume on March 18, with 
Part Two of the exhibition:
Some of My Best Friends (running through August 14)

All in the Family (CBS) TV Series, 1971-1979
Clockwise from left: Rob Reiner, Sally Struthers, Carroll O’Connor 
and Jean Stapleton. © CBS

and again on September 16, with 
Jews and the Advertising Revolution
(running through Feb. 12, 2017)

 Doyle Dane Bernbach Agency

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