Sunday, February 14, 2016

CELEBRATIONS: Happy Mid Mod Valentine's Day to you!

Happy Valentines Day, Mad for Mod readers

Vladimir Kagan sofa
The famed designer will participate in a conversation presented by Elle Decor 
at Palm Springs, CA's Modernism Week 2016, on Valentine's Day 

If you're lucky enough to be in Palm Springs, CA today, 
there is a multitude of events on offer at Modernism Week, 
most of them ticketed but some of them free. They include house tours, 
book talks, conversations with notable designers, an acclaimed film, 
and even a "think and drink happy hour program". 

 Among the February 14 highlights at Modernism Week:

Princeton Architectural Press presents
grids and guides: a notebook for visual thinkers

A fun and fascinating volume, this engaging book "for
right- and left-brainers alike" contains 144 pages of varied
graph papers (great for architectural sketching) interspersed
with an eclectic array of charts and infographics that include:
musical instruments and their pitch ranges, perspective drawing,
knot tying, logical connectives (a bit beyond my understanding),
the golden ratio, and much more.

      Meanwhile, back at the festival ...


Book jacket for William Krisel's Palm Springs
Authors: Heidi Creighton and Chris Menrad

Bonus pic, just because I like it:  
EZ Mod Kiss chair
A mini-tribute to Salvador Dali's iconic
"Mae West's Lips" sofa 

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  1. If anyone who is at Modernism Week in Palm Springs sees this posting, please let us know what your impressions are. Thanks!