Monday, May 12, 2014

EXHIBITION: Closing on May 26: "Think Pink" dazzles at Boston MFA

PINK ... it's not just for girls any more!
** Exhibition closing on May 26 **

Suit by Ralph Lauren; it's similar to his design for
Robert Redford in the 1974 film The Great Gatsby

Baby, blush, bubble gum, cherry, French, Persian, cinnabar, coral, fuschia, flamingo, magenta, orchid, peach, rose, salmon, ultra ... we were happily awash in abundant shades of pink last month at a spectacular costume exhibition at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. Integrating clothing, accessories, graphic illustrations, jewelry, and paintings drawn from the MFA's wide-ranging collections, “Think Pink” sheds light on advances in color technology as well as unexpected innovations in costume style. (The evolution of pink for girls and blue for boys is more recent than you might think!) The exhibition includes a selection of dresses and accessories from the collection of the late philanthropist Evelyn Lauder, who was instrumental in creating an awareness of breast cancer by choosing the color pink as a visual reference.

Flapper dress c. 1925                               Flapper dress detail

Sequined and feathered dress by Oscar de la Renta,
for Evelyn Lauder

Kicky retro shoes by Greissimo, in suede and leather
(Designed by Christian Louboutin)

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, alight in pink

Note: Museum admission (usually @$25 per person) is free on 
Wednesdays from 4 - 9:45 PM, and on some holidays.
For more information, visit
Link here for an excellent Wall Street Journal article about "Think Pink"


  1. I love pink! We had a pink themed fashion show once for our fashion events in one of the Seattle venues and it was really fun. Pink was literally everywhere and you could just see smiles floating everywhere. I think pink is the happiest color!

  2. Me too! Thanks for your comments. There's another Mad for Mod blog posting about pink that you might enjoy -- it's dated December 3, 2017. I'm curious about the Seattle venues to which you referred in your note. Are you in the fashion industry? Happy Holidays! All best, Judy