Sunday, December 10, 2017

ODD BITS: Is it a towel? Or is it a skirt?

If you like minimalistic travel accessories that
serve multiple purposes, all wrapped up in one tidy little package, 
you'll love this travel blanket/scarf/sarong/bathtowel/tablecloth 
created by Case & Drift.


Case+Drift specializes in "all-purpose travel commodities designed for 
the nomadic lifestyle of both vagabonds and professionals alike." Their stylish bags and towels are designed to maximize versatility and utility, 
making them great for both travel or everyday use.

The company's founder has even used one as
a tent cover when a canceled flight left her stranded at the airport.

It starts off as a towel ... or maybe a blanket ...

 And it might end up as a skirt!

Makes a nice tablecloth too, for a wine and cheese picnic by the pool.

Meanwhile, back here in New England ...

I'm carrying a rolled-up blanket on the back seat of the car,
in case we get stranded in the snow!

Check out
for everything but the snowmen

~ oOo ~

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  1. "Everything but the snowmen" -- that's funny! Love the blanket/skirt/tablecloth concept!