Saturday, September 2, 2017

EXHIBITIONS: Making Room: Housing for a Changing America at National Building Museum

 The Great Hall of the National Building Museum in Washington, DC
Photo credit: Michael Schonbach

The National Building Museum, a venue I can't seem to get enough of, will soon open a timely exhibition, Making Room: Housing for a Changing America.  
Originally organized by the Museum of the City of NY, it will be sure 
to interest the baby boom generation, demonstrating ideas for adapting houses 
for aging in place, or for multigenerational families who 
want to share a household.

 Micro Unit living space featured in Making Room
 Photos courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York

To see a short video that demonstrates the transformation 
of this 325 square foot mini-apartment 

from living room to office to bedroom, link here.
 Built by Clei and Resource Furniture.

Laws that govern the size, shape, and occupancy of our housing have 
not kept pace with the changing needs of our population. 
Making Room will feature five proposals for new types of housing, 
including mini-studios for single adults, shared housing options, 
and accessory units for extended families. The proposals 
will be illustrated through models, 
drawings, and animated videos. 

A giant sized television slides to the right
to reveal barware. The chair near the window flips over 
at the middle and turns into a stepladder. Cubby boxes on the wall
provide display areas without taking up any floor space.
Photo courtesy of Museum of City of New York.

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Making Room will be on view at the NBM from
November 18, 2017 through September 16, 2018.
For more info, visit 

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     Below: Currently on exhibit at the National Building Museum

The Great Hall, all decked out for a glamorous dinner reception
(My invitation apparently got lost in the mail.) 


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