Friday, February 10, 2017

EXHIBITIONS: All the world's in love with design

From Tokyo to London, Amsterdam to New York,
museum curators have been preparing singular exhibitions for 2017,
shows that will display what they call "The Anatomy of Design".

Think about it ...

In our everyday lives we are surrounded by countless products. These mass-produced, ordinary objects blend in so seamlessly with our lives that we rarely take a thoughtful look at them. But in fact, a great deal of thought goes into them at every stage of their production, with ingenious solutions applied to nearly every element: the materials used to construct them, their flavor, packaging, and total ambiance."Design Anatomy" aims to examine those design elements in detail.

Below: Have a Kinako no Yama, a mushroom-shaped chocolate biscuit.
 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, a Toyko consortium devoted to the study of design,
recently held an exhibition "Design Anatomy: A method for seeing the world through 
familiar objects" that ran through through Jan. 22, 2017. 
 Next year's exhibition will be held February 17, 2017 (Fri) - June 4, 2017 (Sun).
The theme will be "Athlete".

The 2016-2017 show involved looking into the history, market, packaging, quality control, title and graphic-design development, and even the ingredients of items on 
display, offering intensely detailed insights into foods we often take for 
granted. Included in the lineup are Kinako no Yama, those mushroom-shaped 
chocolate biscuits, and Meiji’s milk chocolate bars. (Mio Yamada)

"Measuring G"

Pinkol in Tokyo
(snack food) 

 "Fear And Love" - London Design Museum

"These newly commissioned works explore a spectrum of issues that define our time, including: networked sexuality, sentient robots, slow fashion and settled nomads."

I don't get this description at all, but I love the color combos! 



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