Saturday, May 28, 2016

EVENTS: Online auction of MAD MEN-orabilia starts June 1 !

Mad Men lovers take note: Everything from Don Draper's favorite neckties to his 1964 Imperial Crown Chrysler convertible -- not to mention Peggy Olson's typewriter and Pete Campbell's faux globe/booze delivery system -- will go on auction on Wednesday, June 1, at 12PM PST sharp, via More than 1500 props and costumes from the show will be on offer. Prices for smaller items are expected to start at around $100, but the sky's the limit for iconic items such as Joan Harris' red suede stilettos, Roger Sterling's Ray-Ban sunglasses, Don's orange office chairs and, of course, The Car.

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Sorry, ladies, the convertible does not include Don.

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Don at work, flirting with soon-to-be wife #2,
and a set of seductive orange Eames office chairs.

Above: Don Draper's Electric Dutchess BBQ 
"Take this BBQ home and grill something this summer like the man Don expects you to be. Item is in working condition."

Screenbid is considered one of the the world’s best sources for "certified authentic, screen-used Hollywood memorabilia and collectibles." The company joins forces with 
studios, producers, and directors to make available to the public objects 
that were used only onscreen or in production on a movie or television show. 
A certificate of authenticity from the studio accompanies each item.

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When Betty (Mrs. Draper #1) gained some weight, she employed every method known at the time -- including smoking like a chimney -- in order to lose it. The auction lot pictured above includes a Weight Watchers cookbook, a Diet-Rite cola bottle, a wheat sliced-bread wrapper, the book Glorious Eating for Weight Watchers, and a Sealtest low calorie ice cream box.

 Above: Pete's drink caddy/fake globe
Decorative objects used to hide alcohol and the glassware for serving 
it became all the rage during the Prohibition era.

Peggy's typewriter
 Seeing Peggy Olson's evolution from mousey secretary to strong,
creative  and feisty career woman was one of the greatest pleasures of
following Mad Men's seven-year run.

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Above: Don's cast iron skillet
Some of the most tender moments on Mad Men
centered around Don cooking for his children, especially Sally,
and sharing confidences over omelets or macaroni and cheese.

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For more info, link to
or the NY Times article How to Own a Piece of ‘Mad Men’

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