Tuesday, January 16, 2018

DESTINATIONS SOUTH: Phryne Fisher continues her cavalcade of fabulousness

With Australian costume dramas rising to the fore of my mind (see

my recent posting about A Place to Call Home, just below)

I thought I'd revive this one from April 2016.

I keep hoping that this exhibition will come to the US

one of these days.

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If you missed her in Victoria or Adelaide,
you can catch her in Parramatta, New South Wales:
  everyone's favorite flapper detective ...
Miss Phryne (Fry-nee) Fisher!

A blockbuster exhibition of glamorous costumes from 
the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries series, previously shown 
in Victoria and Adelaide, Australia, has now moved on 
to the Old Government House in Parramatta, NSW.
It will run there through June 2016, having been retweaked to include
ultra-chic dresses and accessories from the series' season three.

Essie Davis plays Phryne Fisher -- a headstrong and lusciously 
attired detective in opulent 1920s Melbourne -- on Australia Broadcasting's
runaway hit. She often shows up at the scenes of grisly murders
dressed like this, usually coming from a cocktail party or a hot date.

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The exhibition met with tremendous success in the venues where it was previously 
shown. It seems that the public just can't get enough of Miss Fisher 
and her flapperish fabulousness!

A proper lady detective should always wear a hat and gloves to a shooting.

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   This brand new exhibition  features fabulous series three  costumes designed by 2015  AACTA Award winner Marion  Boyce. It includes outfits  worn  by Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis), Detective Inspector Jack  Robinson (Nathan Page) and   Aunt Prudence (Miriam   Margolyes). The costumes are  shown in evocative 1920s-style   rooms; visitors are encouraged    to "touch and feel the sumptuous fabrics as they step deeper into Phryne's world."  

Try on a hat, if you like! (Don't worry; they're replicas.)

Several special events will be held in conjunction with the exhibition. These include two "Behind the Seams" tours led by historic clothing and textiles specialist Eleanor Keene, (May 16 and June 5; 1 - 3PM) and a "Last Tango in Parramatta Roaring 20s Dance Party"on April 23 at the city's Old Garden House. "Be wined, dined and tango the night away during this very special evening of 1920’s music and entertainment. Phryne wouldn’t miss it!"

Phryne with on-again-off-again paramour and tango partner
Detective Inspector Jack  Robinson 

 For more information about the current
Miss Fisher exhibition,
link here.

"She’s brave and reckless – she’s kind of like a superhero,” Davis laughs.
  “A lot of it has been learning it on the spot, including tango and foxtrot lessons, how to throw a dagger and a hatchet, how to balance on a rooftop, how to hang off the back of a train, how to drive a Hispano-Suiza, how to fly an aeroplane, how to speak Mandarin and Russian ... Phryne is just brilliant at everything and so it’s about winging it to make it look good.”

Link here for a lively interview with actress Essie Davis.

Or here for a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the series,  
in Vogue magazine. 

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