Sunday, January 10, 2016

EXHIBITION UPDATE: Glamourous Phryne Fisher Fest begins January 10 in Adelaide!

If you missed her in Victoria, you can catch her in Adelaide ... 

everyone's favorite flapper detective ...
Miss Phryne (Fry-nee) Fisher!

The blockbuster exhibition of glamorous costumes from the 
Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries series,   
previously shown at the Rippon Lea House  & Gardens in Victoria, Australia,
has moved to the high Victorian Ayers House Museum in Adelaide
through Valentine's Day. A Summer Festival of Phryne begins on 10 January.

Essie Davis as Miss Fisher
Ignore her at your own peril

"Stylish, opulent and a feast for the eyes, the costumes have been excellently crafted.  Intermingled with props and furniture from the period, Ayres House has been holding an exhibit of these wondrous creations since November.  Within the confines of its stately walls, the exhibition comes alive as each new costume is seen."
... Patrick Moore, for

Phryne and the ever-fathful, although non-commital,
 Inspector Jack Robinson

The Summer Festival of Phryne includes a screening of all eight episodes
from the latest series of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, held at Adelaide's
Palace Nova Cinemas; Summer Sundays at Beaumont House 
(1920s-style garden parties with live jazz);

and an exclusive evening with actor Nathan Page (Jack)
and composer Greg J. Walker, who together will demonstrate
how music is used to create character and drama on the show.
Above: Actor Nathan Page

Above: a slide from a Fashion in Motion presentation,
to be made by Miss Fisher costume designer Marion Boyce on 29 January.

Link here for specifics about dates and times.

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