Tuesday, September 29, 2015

JEWEL BOXES: A bright, newly expanded Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio

An ultra-luminous 50,000 square foot expansion of the Columbus Museum of Art 
will open its doors to the public on Sunday, October 25, 2015. 

On view for opening day will be two new exhibitions: 
 Keeping Pace: Eva Glimcher and Pace/Columbus 
and Imperfections By Chance: Paul Feeley Retrospective, 1954–1966. 

The new wing will serve as a temporary home for high-profile traveling 
exhibitions, and will also highlight the museum's permanent collection. 

A light filled entry concourse serves as the project’s central organizing element.
°     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °   

With this exciting transformation, the CMA is certain to establish itself as a 
world-class museum  and destination venue.

Among the improvements to the CMA are:

             • A new entrance and entryway experience
                 • A reimagining of the entire first floor as a Center for Creativity
                         • A huge new skylight
             • Comfortable seating and an improved sound system in the auditorium
                 • A new Sculpture Garden, restaurant and store
                         • Upgraded handicapped accessibility

The new building is clad with pre-patinated copper, 
and sits above a first floor gallery defined by limestone and glass exteriors.

                                           Sculpture Garden
“Museums aren’t just about art — they’re about people and art and the electric connection between art and people -- bringing that relationship  to life,” says Nanette Maciejunes, executive director of the CMA. "Art spaces need to encourage you just to come in, hang out and linger. That visitor-centered-ness comes through with this project, which is very contemporary."

                                  °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °                                                                                                                                                                Photos by Brad Feinknopf, used courtesy of the CMA.

For more info, link here.

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