Wednesday, June 17, 2015

EVENTS: Hot Hot Hot: Design Miami/Basel 2015 - June 16 to 21

Colorful! Pizzazzy! Marketplace! Happening!
June 16 to 21

Pierre Frey, "Chromatropic" textile for Design Miami
"We wanted a design that conjures the heat and the excitement of the city."

Design Miami, a collaborative international design marketplace and conversation forum, 
is holding its 10th annual exhibition in Basel, Switzerland, running from June 16 to 21.
It will also be on show in Miami, December 2 to 6. 

                Pierre Frey "Colors", embroidery on linen

Pierre Frey, "Nuit et Jour"
Nuit et Jour is a collection of bold fabrics in a monochrome palette that 
takes inspiration from the style of the 1920’s.

New this year, the Swarovski "Designers of the Future" Award honors emerging designers and studios that embrace and expand on the use of technology in design. The award’s inaugural year winners include Tomás Alonso of London and textile artist Elaine Yan Ling Ng from Hong Kong. Commissioned by Swarovski, new work from these winners will debut at the show. 

                                                                                                   Swarovski cardinal necklace     

Alonso handmade "Pétanque" barware
These vodka glasses, made from copper and glass,
use the conductive properties of copper to keep the vodka cooled
to the perfect drinking temperature without watering it down.

Elaine Yan Ling Ng, "The Cluster", mixed textiles
The Cluster creates a moving surface that changes in response to nearby movement. 
Each cluster is made up of different compositions of "shape-memory material", so their movements are independent from one another, mimicking the behavior of leaves on a tree. 

To learn more about the Basel event, June 16-21, link here.
To learn more about the Miami event, December 2-6, link here.

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