Sunday, May 24, 2015

EVENTS: Dwell on Design 2015, LA, May 29-31

Arcways stairway, manufactured in Neenah, WI

Beam me up, Scottie! More than 400 exhibitors will present 2000+ midmod home furnishing and construction products at next weekend's Dwell on Design extravaganza, running May 29 - 31. The three-day exhibition and conference, comprising one trade day and two consumer days, will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. World-class speakers, product demonstrations, classes for design professionals, and workshops for design enthusiasts will make this exhibition especially accessible and exciting.

A focus of the event, addressing the severe drought situation in California, will be environmentally friendly landscape design. Homeowners will discover ways to replace water-thirsty grasses with native California plants, drought-tolerant flora, and stonework. (Many years ago, a friend of mine who had grown tired of mowing his huge lawn, joked that he should tear it out and pave it over. Looks like his remark was prophetic!)

Hollywood Zen "hardscape", by landscape designer Katrina Coombs

Below are some randomly chosen pics from the 
upcoming Dwell on Design exhibition

Ceiling by American Awning & Blind Co, LA

                 Allen Construction Breezehouse, Santa Barbara

Modern Glass Home in Forest, Barema European Windows and Doors,
 Santa Monica

And my personal fixation ... light fixtures!

°     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °
         Illuministi fan/lamp combo

Light in Art Light chandelier, Grey Drops with white sides
Light in Art showcases the work of famed Israeli designer, Shimon Peleg, 
an international glass and stained glass artist with stores worldwide.

°     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °     °
For more information about the exhibition, and/or individual artists whose 
work will be displayed, link here

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