Thursday, July 10, 2014

EXHIBITIONS: Suddenly, this summer: Pop Art in Denver

The Denver Art Museum will host a two-month exhibition of paintings by Pop Art pioneer Tom Wesselmann this summer. His abstract collages and iconic color-saturated still lifes are celebrated as the foundation of Pop Art in America. The exhibition of 100 pieces of artwork -- including drawings, maquettes and photographs  --  runs July 13 - September 14.

The Huffington Post notes that the show is “One of 15 international 2014 summer art exhibitions you should definitely see.” 

See more info here.

Wesselmann Still Life No. 35, 1963

 Wesselman Still Life No. 60, 1973

                        Wesselmann Still Life #30, 1963

                                                         Wesselman Great American Nude #1, 1961

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