Monday, January 13, 2014

ODD BITS: Eternal living through design?

I've just been reading a NY Times article about the passing of Madeline Arakawa Gins, a poet-turned-painter-turned-architect who whose buildings, by her own account, were designed to pre-empt death for those living in them. She designed what she called "reversible destiny" lofts in Japan.

Gins, along with her husband and longtime collaborator,  completed nine "reversible destiny" 
loft-style apartments in Mitaka, Japan, after competing for the commission. 

"... Ms. Gins practiced an idiosyncratic and highly personal brand of art that sought to deploy architecture in the service of large essential questions about the nature of being. The couple’s vision was beyond Utopian. It sought not merely better living — but, ideally, eternal living — through design."

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